Oklahoma Pressure Washers

APEAK Equipment offers a premium line of pressure washers from Alkota, Inc. to handle even the toughest of jobs offering service to those throughout Oklahoma and Texas. Our Texas and Oklahoma pressure washer salesmen and servicemen have extensive hands-on experience in the equipment washing industry and can solve most companies' cleaning problems with one of our tough pressure washer systems. Whether your job requires mobility or flexibility, our Texas and Oklahoma pressure washer salesmen and servicemen have the knowledge and capability to answer all of your questions and match you with the perfect pressure washer for your job's toughest requirements. Our pressure washers can handle some of the roughest and dirtiest job imaginable.

If you have any questions about which pressure washer is right for you, contact one of our Texas and Oklahoma pressure washer experts today.

Power Parts Pressure Washer

Power Parts Power Washer

Save time and money with a highly efficient power washer. Easy to use and environmentally sound - just load your parts in the pressure washer, close the door and stand by as it rinses them clean.

Media Filtration Systems for Pressure Washers
Media Filtration Systems

An affordable, easily maintained waste water recycling system designed for use with high pressure washers and steam cleaners. The machine delivers high quality water for reuse in your pressure cleaners or discharge to your city sewer system.

Mobile Pressure Washers

Mobile Cleaning Systems

Trailer-mounted cleaning systems use Honda gas engines & diesel burner systems. Many tank & trailer arrangements are available. Chemical pre-spray systems and hose reels are optional.

X4 Series Pressure Washers
X4 Series

A portable, diesel-fired/electric pressure washer unit.

Cold Pressure Washers

Cold Pressure Washers

Heavy-duty cold pressure washers combine power and portability to combat the toughest cleaning situations. Available in gas or electric, these durable machines blast away dirt and mud with ease.

Gas Fired Pressure Washers

Gas Fired Pressure Washers

Tackle the biggest cleaning jobs with Alkota's Gas Fired pressure washer series. These durable units operate on natural or liquid propane gas for economical and dependable performance.

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