Automatic & Tunnel Car Wash Systems

APeak Equipment offers two gantry automated wash systems and tunnels 35 feet and longer manufactured by Sonny's, providing various levels of flexibility, function, and features. All of our automated wash systems are constructed with superior quality and affordabilty in mind. Wash water pumps, precise chemical pumps each of our systems can handle your cleaning needs. In addition to car wash systems, we also carry a line of car wash chemicals to fulfill all of your car washing needs.

Alkota DistributorSonny's Tunnel Systems:

i5: Soft Touch Automatic, Tunnel Car Wash System

i5 Tunnel Car Wash System

The i5 Soft-Touch Hybrid In-Bay Automatic Car Wash is a high preformance cleaning, professional-grade conveyorized tunnel system — on wheels.

  • Speed
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Reliable Operation
  • Consistent Results

It starts with a 5-brush wash system with swinging wrap coupler that provides complete coverage of every vehicle surface. A 2-step presoak process leverages the same technique used by conveyorized operators to promote water break, improve drying efficiency, and lubricate wash material for safety. The i5's standard vehicle profiling means that every customer from the largest SUV to the smallest subcompact will leave satisfied, planning their next visit.

Cleaning wheels demands a separate application of full-strength cleaner and prolonged contact from specialized high-pressure blasters and both are available on your i5 wash system. Triple-foam, Total-Body Protectant, and even online Tire-Shine are just a few of the extra services you can provide your customers with the BayWash i5.

G2: Dual Arm Systems

G2 Dual Arm Car Wash System

It's no secret that two wash arms clean faster than one, but what good is speed if the car isn't clean? Using a single high pressure pump station, the G2's Dual Wash Towers process up to 20 cars per hour. This allows the G2 to deliver a quality of wash that will get your customers to try extra services and come back week after week.

Delivering a superior wash is critical, but the real power of the G2 is that it delivers a consistent result reliably with miserly chemical and utility consumption. The source of G2's reliability begins with the elimination of moving parts. Simultaneously blasting both sides of the vehicle from a single pump to reduce water and electrical draw, the two balanced arms move gracefully, in unison, without resorting to complicated mechanical linkages prone to failure. Ultra-reliable VFD Direct Drive technology, with electronically controlled braking, eliminates jerking movements that can cause premature wear. Each component from the polymer enclosed bearings with stainless-steel inserts, to the ingenious rail mechanism rated to perform in sub-zero temperatures, have been carefully crafted to withstand the rigors of even the harshest car wash environment. Even the stainless-steel carriage assembly carries our Lifetime Limited Warranty.